EON - a specialist industrial design and manufacture company

'EON S.A.' was created in 1997 by people who actively participated in the company 'ECON Industries S.A.', the biggest Greek private industry of designing and manufacturing high technology defense systems.
Over the years, the company evolved to a modern and flexible manufacturing plant. Today, without abandoning the initial activity, EON develops and manufactures products and applications, according to the customer’s requirements (architects, interior and industrial designers ...).
The expertise, resulting from the manufacturing of defensive systems, enables the design of specific requirement products and applications.
By using the latest technology in CNC machinery, guided by sophisticated CAD/CAM systems, can be achieved not only high quality in manufacturing accuracy but also competitive prices.
The product designs are parametric (modular sub-assembled), which are easily then adapted to the required specifications.
The company designs and produces products, such as: 

  • Modern lighting systems and applications.
  • Facade shadings for buildings.
  • Building shelters.
  • Staircases and handrails, fully parametrical designed.
  • Space dividers.
  • Exhibit stands and showcases.
  • Integrated furniture systems for homes and professional spaces.

EON Indicative Catalog (Eng.)

EON Indicative Catalog (Gr.)

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