An elegant illuminator in plain geometrical design. 
A combined harmony of surfaces and masses. 
It functions day and night to demarcate with its figure paths and routes.
Floor lamp for public or private outdoor-exterior spaces. 
Made exclusively of solid aluminium. 
Electrostatic painting or anodization achieves protection against surface corrosion. 
It can be installed in the ground thanks to its specially formed base of solid aluminium.
It has a 4 Led system of high efficacy, low consumption and long service life. The total power is 4.8W, while they also have a built-in lens of 60°.  
The lighting is diffused in an indirect way, through reflection by a titled reflector. 
The design offers a wide range of lighting, while protecting from dazzle. 
Height: 65cm Width: 10cm Length: 10cm. 
Weight: 5 Kgr.  

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