Designed by the architect: Edward Tuttle - Design Realization 
“Materializing a challenging project based on resourceful, original and demanding design.”

The designer’s demand called for:
•A construction of a modular lounge chair, which should not only withstand to mechanical stress (crushing, bending and torsion), but also to maintain the the principles of minimalism.
•The frame had to be highly resistant to corrosion, as it was designed to be used in places near the sea.
In order to meet the above requirements:
•Solid aluminum, of the highest quality, has chosen .
•Anti-corrosion protection has been achieved by anodizing all the aluminum parts.
•The structure is comprised  of flawlessly and accurately manufactured parts.
•The modular construction, and the absence of any welding, allows easy assembly and repair.
Technical Data  (Frame)
Material: Solid anodized aluminium at its natural color.
Connections:   Stainless steel screws.
Dimensions:    H: 83cm, L: 60cm, W: 71cm.
Weight:           6.7 Kg.

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