The old paper mill ‘Ladopoulos’, made up of a complex of industrial buildings, was designated as the central venue of the events which were held on the occasion of the ‘Patras, European Capital of Culture, 2006’ programme.
The primary industrial building consisted of two main sections: a formerly structured, functional area and an area containing a large central machine for pulp production.
Since the old paper mill was decommissioned, the machine has been on display by itself in the middle of the complex courtyard.
Using obvious or implied symbols, the lighting design aims to bring to public notice, for cultural reasons this time, an important monument that belongs to the social and economic past of the city of Patras.
Since this central machine was regarded as the dominant component of the paper mill (it was indeed the heart of the production process), it is illuminated in red, which attempts to make it an allegorical representation of the heart.
Luminaires, programmed to supply a variable light pattern in imitation of heartbeat rate, have been installed in the interval between the two sizeable parts of the machine.
In addition, luminaires capable of producing alternating colours have been used to illuminate the buildings. 

Lighting architect: Dr. Spyros Kontopoulos

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