This Museum is the most important, and houses the richest collection of exhibits, in Greece regarding burial artifacts. 

Gallery lighting
The lighting system has been designed in such a way as to suit the gallery requirements and particularities, as a result of the low ceiling height, in combination with the large skylights that let natural light in.  

The exhibits feature headstone and funerary monuments typical of ancient Greek sculpture. For the general lighting needs of the galleries, “Thales” luminaires have been used in special openings at the ceiling. The center of the atrium’s gallery is dominated by "Raging Bull", a tomb monument by Dionysios of Kollytos, illuminated by two “Thales” luminaires.
Showcase lighting
The exhibits placed inside display cases are mainly vessels and grave goods dating from the Prehistoric to the Geometric period (2500 – 700 bc).
Lighting the exhibits has presented difficulties, due to their different sizes. As a result, the exhibits have been illuminated indirectly, employing specially designed and made “Thales” luminaires. The inside of the display cases is bathed in ample light of appropriate intensity which acts as an ideal counterbalance for the natural light that comes through the large skylights, while preventing the creation of unwanted reflections on the surrounding crystals. The viewing conditions are exemplary even from a low height, as in the case of children or persons with disabilities.
Building / street lighting
In order to illuminate both the outside of the building and the pedestrianized part of Ermou Str, “Euclides” luminaires have been used, installed in a row at the main side of the building.
Lighting architect: Dr. Spyros Kontopoulos

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