Staircase based on the trajectory of Fibonacci
            sequence. (Golden Ratio

 The design of the staircase trajectory is based on
   the Fibonacci sequence. 
 The staircase consists of uniformly special designed
 Each rung consists of a main body on which rests
   the surface of the step.

 The design leads to an aesthetic harmony as well as
   to an imposing presence in space.
 Each individual element (body - step) has two axes in
   a certain distance. The first axis is placed on the
   second axis of the preceding step, the second one on
   the next, etc. Thus the staircase follows any orbit
   (for example the projection of Fibonacci’s trajectory).


 The parametrical design of the staircase follows always
   the trajectory, which has been designed at the floor
   level. Thus the orbit can be easily changed according
   the specified trajectory.
 The staircase is relaxing due to the reason that the
   tread depth is long and the rise height is small.
 The required support of the staircase is applied only
   at the base and at the top.
 Flawless aesthetic result even for a small total height.
   (The height, of this particular application, is 2.9m)
 The independence of the structure from the outer skin
   of the stairs, offers the ability to choose any material
   for the external coating.

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