Austere Simplicity
An illuminator of high aesthetics in a plain, classic line. 
The design is characterized by the innovative use of the acrylic clear tube that encloses the body of the illuminator, as a structural, functional and decorative element.
The possibility of multiple adjustments, the wide range of sizes and colours, as well as the different ways of support and suspension make it ideal for a number of applications.
Special features:
The design of the luminaire allows the lighting beam to be adjusted by rotating the main body, longitudinally by 360° . 
It is highly resistant to acts of vandalism and extreme temperatures.  
In indoor and outdoor-exterior spaces. 
Direct or indirect lighting. 
Lighting of building facades. 
Wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling.
Technical Data:
• Main body: Anodized aluminium profile. 
• Luminaire ends: Solid anodized aluminum 
• Reflector: Aluminium, silver anodized. 
• Lamp: Fluorescent T5. 
• Housing: Clear or opal acrylic tube. 
• Grade-seal: IP 65 
• Light Output Ratio (LOR): 86.59%
• Downward Light Output Ratio (DLOR): 84.01% 
• Diameter: 7,5 cm. 
• Length (cm):       64     /   94    / 124   /   154
• Weight (Kg):       1,8   /    2,2  /   2,9  /    3,3
• Consumption :14 - 24/ 21 - 39/ 28-54/ 35-49–80 (W)

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