Description: A minimalistic lamp in plain geometrical design. It ensures intense and broad lighting mostly in public spaces, giving them a special character of high aesthetics. It functions both as a lighting fixture and as a sculpture, since, despite its plain and minimalistic design, it its quite impressive and its presence dominates the surrounding area.
Use: Floor lamp for outdoor-exterior public or private spaces.
Features: It is comprised of the illuminator, the column and the support base, forming a single, harmoniously designed unit. 
The illuminator is made of aluminium painted with electrostatic paint. 
The reflector and the light are protected by a double glass with built-in UV filter to diffuse the light evenly. The illuminator is supported on a column made of aluminium painted with electrostatic paint that has a square cross-section of 10 cm and is supported on a solid aluminium base.
The lighting source is comprised of two TC-L 36 - 55W fluorescent lights of high efficacy and low consumption. 
Water tightness: IP 65
Illuminator: L/W/H 110/18/8 cm, Weight:10Kgr.
Column L/W 10 Χ 10 cm,      Height: 3m to 4.5m
It is supplied with a solid aluminium base and 4 anchoring brackets.              

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