Aluminium Staircase Co-axial, fully parametrical designed.

• The staircase consists of uniformly specific designed
• Each rung is made up of aluminum body, on which 
   rests the surface of the step. 
• The successive rungs are assembled on the central 
   axis, orming a single set of robust structure with 
   highly functionality and aesthetic appearance.

• The design is based on modular method.
• The design of the staircase, which is based on the
   central axis, leads to high weight resistance.
• Each rung of the ladder consist a static element of the
• Each rung has the ability to be rotated around the
   central axis of the staircase.
• The design of the staircase has an obvious mechanical

• The parametric modular design allows customization
   with absolute accuracy, according to particular
   dimensional requirements.
• Installation can be achieved even in a small space.
• Static ability without requiring a handrail.
• The staircase consists of components that can be
   transferred and mounted in place easily.
• Despite the "solid" appearance, the use of special alloy
   of aluminum, results to light weight and high durable
• Ability to easily change the direction of the ladder
   from clockwise to counterclockwise and vice versa.
• Ability of selection, between a wide range of materials,
   for the top surface of the rung (wood, acrylic, glass,
   metal, etc.).

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