Coat Stand - Luminaire ‘Light Monk’
The Light Monk coat stand was based on the "Euclides" luminaire.

It is aspired to be a sculpture of industrial aesthetics, without, however, overlooking its utilitarian character.

It combines the uses of a coat stand and a luminaire, surprising everyone with its morphological particularity. 

The mounting base and the hooks are made of aluminium. 
The design of the components and the acrylic illuminated tube create an ethereal figure, with a commanding presence.

It was designed by the design team "Shiny Design" within the framework of the exhibition ‘Symbiosis? - 15 Biennale de la Méditerranée’ in Thessaloniki.

Technical Data:

• Main body:         Anodized aluminium. 

• Luminaire ends:  Solid anodized aluminum.

• Reflector:            Aluminium, silver anodized. 

• Housing:             Opal acrylic tube. 

• Lamp:                 Fluorescent T5.
• Consumption:      49 or 80 Watt - Dimmable.
• Dimensions:         Height  193 cm, Base 63 cm. 
• Body  Diameter:   7,5 cm.
• Weight:               8.7 Kg.

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