The design is characterized by the formation of two lighting beams, the main one with wide diffusion of light and the secondary one with narrow diffusion (a slot in the back of the illuminator), which can render white or coloured light with the use of suitable acrylic paint.
In indoor spaces as a floor, wall or suspended lamp.
The body and the support brackets are made of aluminium. 
Protection against corrosion is achieved by anodization.
The optimum assembly of the components ensures a robust and durable construction.
The main body is supported on joints, which enable the longitudinal rotation by 360°. 
The double lighting beam provides both direct and indirect lighting at the same time. The lighting source is one Τ5 fluorescent light of high efficacy. 
Cross Section:   7 X 5 cm.
Lengths:            60    /   90    /   120  / 150 cm.
Consumption:  14-24 / 21-39 / 28-54 /35-49-80 W.



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