“High technology & refined aesthetics”
A luminaire of high aesthetics, with a discreet but distinctive presence. It consists of a crystal surface, mounted on aluminium housing, which is the dominant decorative and functional element of the luminaire.
It is intended for indoor areas in which aesthetics has a key role. The luminaire comes in two types:
 1.     Mirror
(indirect illumination)
It is exclusively intended for installation at a distance from the ceiling, suspended by means of 4 wire ropes. The light is produced only in an indirect way, as a result of reflection on the ceiling.
The front panel is made up of double special-mirror crystal of a total thickness of 12mm, which lets light through only in one direction. As a result, when the luminaire is off, it functions as a mirror, and when it is on, although the mirror effect remains, the silhouette of the lamps is formed at the same time.
 Glass (Direct illumination)
It can be mounted on the ceiling, recessed in a false ceiling, or suspended at a distance from the ceiling by means of 4 wire ropes.
The front panel is made up of transparent double crystal of a total thickness of 10mm, interposed with an antiUV light diffusion membrane.
A specially made reflector, that amplifies and directs the light, surrounds the lamps.
The main body (housing) is made from anodised aluminium. The light source comprises two low-consumption T5 fluorescent lamps.
Dimensions - Consumption:
(Length Χ Width) :180Χ40 cm. Cons. 2Χ(35/49/80)W.
(Length Χ Width) :140Χ35 cm. Cons. 2Χ(28/54)W.

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